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Religion and Philosophy: Philosophy

Finding Philosophy in the Library

Philosophy materials fall into the following call number ranges:
  • 100 Philosophy
  • 110 Metaphysics
  • 120 Epistemology
  • 130 Parapsychology & occultism
  • 140 Philosophical schools of thought
  • 150 Psychology
  • 160 Logic
  • 170 Ethics
  • 180 Ancient, medieval & eastern philosophy
  • 190 Modern western philosophy

It's usually best to start with a keyword search, but subject headings applied to relevant books can help to refine your results. Open the item record of a book that interests you. Scroll down to the clickable subject headings, and run another search to explore similar books.

You can also browse the headings associated with a particular topic as a way of getting started with your research.

Selected Library Resources

Philosophy on the Web